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Amino Acid Analysis


When I open a data file in Elite, I always get the 440nm window on top. How do I change this so the 570nm is always on top?


What you need to do is go back in to the original configuration of the instrument in the Client/Server Window. When you get there, remove both channels 570 & 440, note that they are in the order 570nm and then 440nm. Now add the channels back again but add the 440nm first and then the 570nm channel. The order is now 440nm and 570nm. Don't forget to configure each channel i.e. 440nm is Board 1, Channel B and 570nm is Board 1, Channel A.

Now any new runs you collect when you open the data file the 570nm will be on top. Unfortunately this will not work for data that you collected before the change.


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