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Amino Acid Analysis


I sent my analytical column to Biochrom for a cleaning and repacking service. When I received it back and used it along with the program provided, the retention times shifted and I had to re optimise the chromatography. Why is that?


After cleaning and repacking, analytical columns are tested in our laboratory to meet our specifications for peak separation and run times reproducibility. These programs are optimised on our instruments and when a column is run on a customer's instrument slight variations will be apparent because of small differences between instruments such as flow rates, heating/ cooling characteristics and modification status of the instrument.

The enclosed program sent in the column box is only a guide and would need to be optimised to achieve the same results as obtained in our laboratory.

So if a customer already has a program for a particular application optimised for its instrument it may be better to run that program first with a repacked column as it will be more relevant to the instrument's characteristics.


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