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Amino Acid Analysis


Problems with Power Supply and the use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


A brief power cut in the middle of a series of analyses can ruin the results of a unique sample. Some users have requested information on UPS's during installations to protect their system in the event of a power cut.

The use of a UPS will also solve problems with sudden power surges or drops, which can cause intermittent faults such as random start of run, loss of data etc.

We have tried a 1000 VA UPS connected to a Biochrom 30, Autosampler, computer and monitor. The UPS kept the instrument running for 20 minutes after a simulated power cut. This time should cover most power cuts, but should the mains be off for a longer time, the system shuts down and will recover when the power is restored, the instrument and the Autosampler will remain on "stand by".

The UPS used for the test was made by American Power Conversion, model Smart UPS 1000 Net. This unit can be connected to the computer via a serial port to enhance its capability. More information on UPS units can be found in the American Power Conversion web site.


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