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Amino Acid Analysis


What routine maintenance should users carry out themselves?


To obtain consistently accurate results from Biochrom amino acid analyzers, the routine maintenance procedures described here should be performed carefully.  These procedures are divided into daily checks, weekly checks, monthly checks and Cleaning/General Care.

Daily Checks

Each day, before commencing instrument operation, check the following:

  1. The volume of buffer in the buffer bottles.
  2. The volume of ninhydrin in the ninhydrin bottle.
  3. The volume of cleaning solution in the coil flush bottle.
  4. The volume of distilled water in the piston wash bottle
  5. The quantity of nitrogen in the cylinder.
  6. The volume of liquid in the autosampler wash bottle.
  7. No leaks are visible including in the low pressure fluidics behind the left hand side panel.

Failure to perform these checks may invalidate an analysis or a whole series of analyses.

Monthly Checks

Each month, before commencing a series of analyses, perform the following checks:

  1. Clean/replace the ninhydrin filter.
  2. Clean the flowcell with solvent, e.g., propan-1-ol.
  3. Clean both backpressure valves with solvent, e.g., propan-1-ol.
  4. Flush the waste line with solvent, e.g., propan-1-ol.

CAUTION: Contaminated buffer must not be pumped through the analytical column.   Never add new buffer to old - always discard remaining buffer. Thoroughly clean and rinse buffer reservoir and refill with fresh buffer.

After performing these checks, perform the daily checks before commencing instrument operation.

Cleaning and General Care

Use a damp cloth for cleaning external surfaces.

Wash any buffer or ninhydrin spillage's with distilled water.


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