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Why does my EZChrom/Elite always start in Demo Mode?


EZChrom & EZChrom Elite Version below 2.8
EZChrom Elite Version 2.8 and above

EZChrom & EZChrom Elite Version below 2.8

There are few reasons why this could happen:

The most common reason is simply because the dongle is not plugged into the back of the Parallel Port (Printer Port) of the PC.  The Dongle must be plugged in as it holds the license information for the software and without it the software will assume it is running in Demo Mode.

Solution:  Check that dongle is plugged into the Parallel Port firmly.
The dongle is correctly plugged in and a printer is connected, but the printer is either off-line or not switched on, when EZChrom was started.  If this is the case then EZChrom sometimes does not see the license information on the dongle and therefore runs in Demo Mode.

Solution:  Ensure that the connected printer is switched on and on-line.
No printer driver has been installed.  This sometimes can cause EZChrom not to see the license information in the dongle.

Solution:  Ensure a printer driver has been installed on the PC in question.
The dongle has become damaged internally and the license information can not be accessed by EZChrom.  This is very rare and it is more likely to that one of the above reasons is causing the problem.

Solution:  The dongle will have to be replaced so you will have to contact your local distributor to get a replacement.

EZChrom Elite Version 2.8 and above

For these versions of Elite there is no longer a dongle, and the Licencing is done by a Software Key.  The most common problem here is when the Computer on which Elite is installed is added to a network and the Computer is renamed.  The Elite then runs in Demo mode as it believes it is now on a different Computer.  The solution is to rename the Computer back to what it was before it was renamed.  If you do not know what the Computer name was before it was renamed then this can be retrieved from the Instrument Activity Log in Elite.  Open the instrument window and under File select Instrument Activity Log, and choose Display Log.  From the log you can see the original Computer name, use this name to rename the Computer back to what it was.  You will need to reboot the PC, then start Elite and it should now be working as normal.

If you want to rename the PC then you should first uninstall the Licence Key following the instructions in the Manual.  Then rename your PC and reinstall the Licence Key back onto the PC.


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