Microplate Instrumentation Promotions

EZ Read 400

Get your EZ Read 400 at a special price with ADAP 2.0 Plus!

 EZ Read 400 is Biochrom's newest microplate reader

  • Robust microplate reader with excellent accuracy, precision and linearity specifications
  • USB connection from instrument to PC
  • Standard ADAP 2.0 basic software for reader control and easy data export
  • Three different models to meet your unique application needs: ELISA, Research or Flexi

Upgrade to ADAP 2.0 Plus for instant analysis. Easy to use software that meets most absorbance assay analysis requirements

  • Curve- fitting for standard curves
  • Thresholds for categorizing samples
  • Pre-set quality controls

Choose form 3 diffrent models based on your application needs:

  • EZ Read 400 ELISA- four pre-installed filters to cover measurement wavelength used for most ELISA assays (405, 450, 492 & 620 nm)
  • EZ Read 400 Research- eight pre-installed filters to cover measurement wavelengths used in total protein, ELISA and cell proliferation assays (405, 450, 492, 562, 570, 595, 620 & 650 nm)
  • EZ Read 400 Flexi- four pre-installed filters to cover basic ELISA assays (405, 450, 492 & 620 nm) and choose up to four more filters for your unique application

Terms & Conditions

To take advantage of this offer, please use the following part numbers when ordering:

  • EZ Read 400 ELISA Reader Plus: 80-4001-73
  • EZ Read 400 Research Reader Plus: 80-4001-74
  • EZ Read 400 Flexi Reader Plus: 80-4001-75

This promotion cannot be used in conjuction with any other promotions or additional discounts

For more information please speak to your Sales Manager or contact enquiries@biochrom.co.uk