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Biochrom Libra S21 Visible Spectrophotometer

Biochrom Libra S21 Visible Spectrophotometer


  • Split Beam (RBC) Visible spectrophotometer covering 325-1100nm (<3nm bandwidth)
  • PTR Xenon lamp technology saves running costs
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Instrument Performance Validation (IPV) facility
  • 8-position sample changer

The Biochrom Libra S21 is a simple-to-use instrument with advanced performance, incorporating Xenon lamp technology for longer source lifetime and lower maintenance costs. A further benefit of this design is reference beam optical noise compensation to improve signal to background measurements.  

In addition to measuring absorbance, transmittance and concentration, wavelength scan (with zoom), absorbance changes with time, reaction rate determinations and standard curves can be displayed as graphics and printed out. User defined equations can be entered using multi-wavelength mode and up to 18 methods can be saved in separate operator folders. 

Resolution PC software is an option for data acquisition and analysis.

Designed for regulatory compliance
This instrument is ideal for industrial laboratories seeking GLP, IQ/OQ certification test plans and output to LIMS. The on-board self test diagnostics for instrument performance validation may be used in conjunction with the Qualification and Performance Verification Logbook (provided with the instruments) so that an ongoing record of instrument performance over time may be kept for GLP purposes. For 21CFR part 11 compliance, Acquire CFR software is required (optional).

Wide range of accessories
See Biochrom Libra Accessories for order codes for:

  • Cell changers:  4 position, heated electrical (Peltier) or by water circulation
  • Single cell holders: <10mm pathlength, 10-50mm pathlength, 100mm pathlength, water or electrically  heated, cylindrical, HPLC flowcell
  • Sipper with UV Quartz flow cell
Ordering Information Order Code
Biochrom Libra S21 Visible Spectrophotometer 80-2115-25
Resolution Lite PC Software 80-7100-30
Resolution PC Software 80-7100-31
Resolution Life Sciences PC Software 80-7100-32
Resolution CFR PC Software 80-7100-33
Serial cable 80-2105-97
IQ/OQ Documentation 80-5000-19

Spare Parts
80-2109-50  Qualification and performance verification logbook
Order codes for spectrophotometer cells and cuvettes 

Technical Specifications below. Optional accessories shown marked *

Technical Specifications
Specification Data
Type Visible 
Wavelength Range 325 - 1100nm 
Wavelength Accuracy (+/-) 1nm 
Wavelength Reproducibility (+/-) 0.5nm 
Lamp Source Xenon (PTR) 
Beam Split Beam 
Optical System Reference Beam Compensation 
Bandwidth <3nm 
Detector Dual Solid State Silicon photodiode 
Photometric Range -3.000 to 3.000A, -9999 to 9999 conc. units, 0.1 to 200%T 
Stray Light <0.05%T at 220nm and 340nm 
Zero Stability ± 0.002A/h at 0A after warm up 
Baseline Flatness n/a 
Measurement Type Fixed Wavelength, Abs/%T, Abs ratio, Abs difference, concentration (factor), concentration (standard curve), multiwavelength, kinetics, Life Science Methods, cell density 
Cell Compatibility Cuvette, Flow Cell*, Microcell*, Variable Pathlength Cell* 
Other Sample Containers n/a 
Cell Holder Built in 8 cell changer, 4 position cell changer*, 6 and 8 position heated cell changers*, single cell holder* 
Accessory Options Sipper* 
Method Storage Up to 18 
Compliance 21 CFR part 11*, IQ/OQ* 
Data Output Print*, Export to PC*, PC Control* 
Display Graphical LCD 
Data Interface serial, parallel 
Languages English, Manuals in French, German, Italian and Spanish 
Power Requirement 90-265V, AC, 50/60Hz, 80VA 
Weight 13Kg (28.6lb) 
Dimensions (WxDxH) 51 x 37 x 23 cm (20 x 14.6 x 9.1 inches) 
Noise ± 0.001A near 0A and ± 0.002A near 2A at 600nm 
Photometric Accuracy +/- 0.5% or +/-0.003A to 3A at 546nm 
Photometric Reproducibility 0.5% of absorbance value 
Spectral Scanning Yes (up to 900nm) 
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