Biochrom Libra Accessories

Accessories for Biochrom Libra S4+ and Libra S6+ Spectrophotometers

Accessories for Biochrom Libra S4+ and S6+ Visible spectrophotometers

80-3007-12 Test tube cell holder (10-18 mm).
80-3007-13 Heated cell holder.

Accessories for Biochrom Libra S4 and S6 Visible spectrophotometers (previous model)

80-2115-39 Venturi action funnel flow cell.
80-3002-53 Serial printer and serial printer cable.
80-2117-47 Test tube adapters (10, 12, 16mm).
80-3003-55 Chart recorder interface cable.
80-3001-00 Spare serial cable.
80-2115-18 Spare dust cover.
80-2115-33 Spare Tungsten lamp.

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