Bio 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzers

Bio 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzer System (U.S.A and other customers)

Bio 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzer System (U.S.A and other customers)

Biochrom 30+ Series of amino acid analyzers - the gold standard in dedicated amino acid analysis. Laboratories worldwide trust this well documented classical amino acid analysis method based on ion exchange chromatography with post column derivatization with Ninhydrin. This allows both qualitative and quantitative analysis of up to 56 amino acids and derivatives, including Argininosuccinic acid, Alloisoleucine and Sulfocysteine.

The Biochrom 30+ Physiological system uses a combination of 5 lithium citrate buffers to achieve a full amino acid profile in less than 90 minutes using the new Accelerated method.

Biochrom 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzers are fully customizable. For system configuration information click here.
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System suitable for: 

  • Amino acid analysis for clinical research on various physiological sample matrices.
  • Quality Control and compositional analysis in biosciences and pharmaceutical industries.

Specific applications:

• Detection of up to 56 amino acids in physiological samples
• Protein and peptide analysis for pharmaceutical applications.
• Food, beverages, plant extracts, fermentation products, culture media, nutraceuticals and infusion fluids

A Dedicated Amino Acid Analysis System

Accurate: Superb separation, accurately identifies and quantifies free amino acids, as well as the amino acid composition of proteins and peptides.
Reliable: Minimal matrix interference and near baseline separation. Automated derivatization of amino acids maximizes reproducibility.
Fast: Rapid protocols that increase sample throughput by cutting analysis time.
Economical: The column cleaning and repacking service, gives columns an almost indefinite life and cuts the cost of ownership.
Fully Automated: Total PC control allows 24/7 operations.
Versatile: Wide variety of sample types compatible: Protein hydrolysates from various food and feedstuff samples or synthetic drugs, nutraceuticals, beverages.
Easy to implement: No lengthy method development required as this well characterized system is established worldwide. All customers have their instrument optimised to their application directly from the factory.
Convenient: Interchangeable sample trays allow samples to be prepared in advance and stored refrigerated.
Robust: Advanced fluidics and robust hardware mean easy maintenance for users, backed by the reassurance of Biochrom's dedicated service and support team.
Flexible: Integrated software, choice of different methods to adapt to the user's needs. Automatic sample set-up. Networking and exporting of data.
Compact: Bench top design requiring minimum lab space.

3 full screening methods are available that you can choose according to your business needs:

Choice of Screening Methods
System Use Minutes
(to Arginine)
Biochrom 30+ Physiological Accelerated LC System  When speed is a decisive factor, with little compromise on the peak resolution 90min
Biochrom 30+ Physiological
High Performance LC System
The best compromise between speed, resolution and column life 125min
Biochrom 30+ Physiological
High Resolution LC System
When 100% baseline separation and a maximum number of amino acid separated are required. Ideal for Research and low sample throughputs 150min

Why you need a dedicated instrument for amino acid analysis:

The difficulty of analyzing amino acids with conventional HPLC systems is mainly due to the complex nature of the samples and the unique chemical properties of the amino acids (ionic compounds with no specific absorption wavelength). A dedicated system is the most reliable solution for consistent and reproducible results. Method development is not required on a dedicated AAA as it has been already set up and extensively tested so it can be used routinely 24/7 with little user intervention.
Reliable rapid screening of large numbers of samples for specific amino acids can be performed 24 hours per day using short methods.
Biochrom has a large number of users worldwide ranging from research labs to large national reference laboratories.

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Biochrom 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzers are fully customizable.
Please contact your sales representative or distributor for system ordering information.

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