Columns for Biochrom Amino Acid Analyzers

Columns for Biochrom Amino Acid Analyzers

All new Biochrom 30+ instruments are supplied complete with the analytical column of your choice. We offer a unique column cleaning and repacking service to reduce waste and running costs.

PEEK Columns

Manufactured from PEEK material, the columns are free from corrosion and metal contamination and are packed with optimally sized, cation-exchange resin. The columns are attached with finger-tight fittings so no special spanners are required to ensure a leak-free seal.

Additional analytical and prewash columns can be purchased using the product codes below.

Ordering Information
Type System Order Code
Analytical Lithium High Resolution Physiological Column 80-6002-47
Lithium High Performance Physiological Column 80-6002-48
Lithium Accelerated 80-6002-49
Sodium High Resolution Protein Hydrolysate Column 80-6002-51
Sodium High Performance Protein Hydrolysate Column 80-6002-52
Sodium High Resolution Oxidized Column 80-6002-54
Sodium High Performance Oxidized Column 80-6002-55
Polyamine Column 80-6002-56
Pre-Wash Lithium Physiological Prewash Column 80-6002-50
Sodium Prewash Column (for all sodium systems) 80-6002-53
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