Resolution PC Software for Biochrom Libra

Resolution Spectrophotometer PC Software

Resolution Spectrophotometer PC Software

Resolution PC Software is an easy to use software platform with powerful modules for measurement and analysis. Resolution can be used with your Libra or WPA spectrophotometer (see table below of compatible models) for instrument control increasing your options for working with your spectrophotometer outside of the lab. Resolution PC Software was developed with an applications focus for superior usability. Resolution PC software is for use with all Biochrom UV/Vis Spectrophotometers.

Four versions for your analysis:

  • Resolution Lite -data acquisition using a Quick Read module
  • Resolution - for all routine measurements
  • Resolution Life Science - for nucleic acid, proteins and cell density measurements
  • Resolution CFR - if you need full 21 CFR part 11 compliance

Key Features include:

  • Quick Read and Quick Scan for fast measurements with limited setup
  • Bespoke method development for your unique laboratory requirements
  • Powerful graphical data display and manipulation options
  • Microsoft look and feel for intuitive use
  • Resolution Life Science version has pre-programmed methods in for fast measurements of commonly methods like protein and DNA/RNA/ quantification and purity measurements as well as cell density measurements and CyDye quantification
  • Library of reference material if your laboratory environment requires regular verification.
  • Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Save, print or export your analysis as an Excel®, Extended Metafile, HTML, pdf, rich text format, text, Word or XPS file types.
Resolution Software Modules
Modules Function



Life Science



Perform a quick sample check at a specified wavelength and to determine a quick concentration value using a predefined factor. Allows the user to make fixed wavelength measurements at a single wavelength in Absorbance, % Transmittance or concentration modes. Yes Yes Yes Yes
A basic wavelength scanning application that enables you to perform a quick, qualitative sample check and to monitor sample or assay stability. Wavelength scans can be collected in the range 190 to 1100 nm with options for overlays and post-scan feature detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Validation Allows the user to design and schedule validation tests for their instruments to ensure that they continue to meet the specification required by their application SOP. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fixed Wavelength Measure up to 10 user-defined wavelengths with pre and post measurement equations providing flexibility. No Yes Yes Yes
Wavelength Scanning  Perform wavelength scans in the range 190 to 1100 nm with options for overlays, feature detection and post-scan spectral manipulations No Yes Yes Yes
Quantitative Analysis  Accurate measurement of sample concentrations against a calibration curve of up to 10 standards and 5 replicates. Pre and post measurement manipulations allow the user to add pass and fail limits to the results. No Yes Yes Yes
Kinetics Perform serial and parallel kinetics measurements of up to 8 samples (using cell changer). The free selection of start and end points and the curve fit allows maximum flexibility. No Yes Yes Yes
Method Developer Design custom methods. These can include sample prompts and timings as method SOP's and the ability to lock individual method parameters. No Yes Yes Yes
Life Science DNA, RNA & Oligo concentration & purity measurement Protein quantitation via direct UV methods or BCA, Buiret, Bradford, Lowry & Colloidal Gold methods, Cell Density measurement No No Yes Yes
21 CFR part 11 compliance Ability to set up different users as part of defined groups. Audit trail. Electronic signature No No No Yes

Resolution PC Software is supplied as standard with the following instruments

Resolution Software is an optional accessory for: 

  • Biochrom Libra S50
  • Biochrom Libra S60
  • Biochrom Libra S21
  • Biochrom Libra S22
  • Biochrom WPA Biowave II/II+
Product Name Order Code
Resolution Lite 80-7100-30
Resolution 80-7100-31
Resolution Life Science 80-7100-32
Resolution CFR 80-7100-33
Upgrade Resolution to Resolution Life Science 80-7100-34
Upgrade Resolution to Resolution CFR 80-7100-35

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